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About Me

What I Do

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Physiques is an online personal training service I created when my husband's job took me away from the gym I trained at. I loved being a personal trainer and wanted to continue helping others change their lives by becoming the healthiest and fittest version of themselves that they can be. When I learned of training at a distance, I immediately began to work at creating my own online training service. Taking inspiration from Psalms 139:13-16, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Physiques began to take shape! I know times can be tough for everyone financially, so I made it my mission to offer my services at an AFFORDABLE RATE. Not only will you receive nutrition and/or exercise plans, you will also have unlimited email and phone support (text or call) from me. I will also post video tips periodically on my Facebook pages, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Physiques or NPC Figure Competitor Sara Willis.

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Far left, 4th Place 2015 Arnold Amateur Class E 

Why Me

  • I have experience as a personal trainer.
  • I will be easily accessible to clients.
  • I'm a 5 time middle class NPC figure champion

About Me

I have been married to a wonderful man for over eight years and we have a two children together. I also have a fourteen year old step-son, whom I refer to as my "bonus child". I was a three sport athlete in high school and a two sport athlete in college. I remember people making comments about the muscularity of my arms from the 8th grade. During college I saw Monica Brant on the cover Muscle and Fitness Hers and thought, "Hey! There's a girl with muscles and she still looks like a girl!" I bought the magazine and started looking into competing. I never got around to it because of work, getting married, and having my first child. Then we moved to Michigan and I got my personal traning certification in 2009. Some of my colleagues had actually competed and I finally got the courage up to do it myself. I competed in my first show in March 2010 and it was one of the largest in the country that year. It was baptism by fire! I took a year off, we moved to Ohio, and I picked out three more shows to do once we got settled. I really buckled down, trained, and did it! I won my class in each of the shows! I took another year off to have my son and now I'm getting back into training for my next show! I love training and I love to help train others to reach their goals as well!!!

My Contest History:


*2016 IFBB North Americans

10th Place Class E

*2016 USA Championships

7th Place Class E

*2105 Arnold Amateur

4th Place Class E

*2014 Ohio State Figure Championships

Overall Champion

*2014 Ohio State Open Figure 

Overall Champion

*2013 NPC Nationals:

 16th place Class D

*2011 Great Lakes Open Figure:

 1st Place Medium Class

*2011 Ohio State Open Figure:

  1st Place Medium Class

*2011 Julie Palmer Ultimate Open Figure:

  1st Place Medium Class

*2011 Julie Palmer Ultimate Novice Figure:

  1st Place Overall Novice

*2010 Northern KY Open Figure:

  9th Place