Fearfully & Wonderfully Made Physiques

Fearfully & Wonderfully Made Physiques

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Quotes "As far as trainers go - Sara is the best! Any and all questions I have regarding my meal plan or exercises she gives me are answered without hesitation. Sara is knowledgable and supportive beyond measure and I credit my success with her due to not only my hard work but the work she puts into designing a plan that will fit my needs. Starting with Sara I am in the midst of marathon training and losing weight and knew I needed to do more than count calories and run every day! She took my training into consideration for my meal planning and weight training. I am able to put together a 6 day a week plan that pushes me but does not break me. I know I will finish faster and stronger than I would have without her. In my first 30 days I lost 14 pounds! If you've ever thought about having a trainer you'll find no one else out there more affordable or more committed to their clients." Quotes

Quotes In January 2012, I began to inquire about hiring a personal trainer. My second baby girl was born July 2011 and I desperately wanted to shed the baby weight and return to a healthy lifestyle! I could not have made a better choice than choosing Sara as my personal trainer! Sara is more than helpful! She is very knowledgeable and motivational in her line of work! I had many questions for Sara. She is always eager to answer your questions and even substitute exercises to better accommodate your personal needs and fitness resources available to you! I highly recommend Sara to anyone who is remotely interested in making a positive change in their lifestyle and fitness goals. I am continually seeing positive personal results through Sara's guidance! I consider it a blessing to have been given the opportunity to work with her! Quotes

Quotes I used to be self-conscious to walk into a gym even if only to use the cardio machines and now I feel confident being the only girl on the packed, all-male weight floor! I would recommend Sara to anyone who has the internal motivation and wants to get serious about their fitness because if you have a goal, Sara will give you a great way to reach it Quotes
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Quotes I am so glad that I did choose her because over the last 12 weeks, I have lost almost 20 pounds, gained noticeable amount of muscle, have fallen in love with the sport of lifting and body building, improved my Army Physical Fitness Test score (from 37 to 42 push-ups in two minutes, from 67 to 78 sit-ups in two minutes, and from 18:10 to 16:20 two mile run time), built a healthier relationship with and became more knowledgeable about food, sped up my metabolism (I used to starve on 1200 calories a day without losing weight, now I?m losing weight while eating more), and gained confidence inmyself and my ability to change myself and my future. Quotes
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Quotes 4) She is a trophy earning figure competitor?she obviously knows what she?s doing! And I know she?s doing it the healthy way because she has competed successfully both before and after pregnancy, and she has very healthy beautiful children! ? I love that she is family oriented, because I feel I can trust a woman who wants to be a good role model to her kids as opposed to just losing weight the easiest/quickest way possible. Quotes
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Quotes I found Sara online when I was looking for a coach because there were none in my area (Orlando) that had a price that matched the resume. I started considering an online coach and talked to MANY different coaches of all different backgrounds, programs, and prices. I ended up choosing Sara as my coach for five main reasons: 1) She's constantly available to me as far as phone, text, email, and social networking. I have a lot of questions and having an actual relationship with her keeps me accountable. 2) She is very affordable. 3) She made it clear that she would work to make a program fit my life, not try to fit my life into her program. Being Army, I have a lot of special scenarios such as field trainings and running at PT Monday-Friday. Some coaches even told me I wouldn?t be able to run too fast at PT (despite me telling them I had a goal of becoming faster) because they needed my heart rate in a certain zone at all times of the day in order to burn fat! Quotes
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